Aim of The New Era Academy

Students are taught to reach the highest potential intellectually, physically, emotionally & spiritually. The aim is to develop the character & individuality of each student. Goal-setting, Time Management and self-service habits are encouraged. New Era Academy is a movement and the institution doesn't believe in the commercialization of human education. The aim of the school is to impart quality education to the primary and secondary level student at an affordable cost in this rural area. To provide complete mental, Physical and Spiritual growth to the child. We strive to bring all-round development of the child with special emphasis on grooming of the personality. The pleasure of learning is of key importance to awaken the creativity and motivation of the child to learn more and to preserve the acquired knowledge. Knowledge is gained not in said classrooms but in an environment where children are allowed to explore and evolve. Providing this environment is what we aim at. We aim at instilling the discipline of thought and action, guiding and building our students character and making them responsible and self-reliant human beings. A process that begins here but the benefits of which are reaped throughout life.