The aim of New Era Academy is to provide the quality education at affordable price and best resources. We are the top residential or boarding CBSE School in Dehradun, India and offer quality education, academics to all our students. Our academics and resources make us different are:

Academics Fact Sheet

Even in today’s world our system of education is globally recognized and sought after.
Development and reinforcement of basic concepts during early phases of education helps students in India to identify their strengths and choose their careers. English language being the base language of our education system and important for carrier growth in future helped our students potential to be recognized Internationally on all platforms ,be it Scientific ,I.T. Medical , Engineering ,Animation and the list of students par excellence is endless.

NEW ERA ACADEMY is an English medium school affiliated to CBSE with global approach of learning, for almost two decades now the school has set a milestone in providing its students with a well-balanced and well-planned academic, sports and co-curriculum activities.

It is very essential to make the methods of learning interesting therefore we at NEW ERA ACADEMY incorporate lots of teaching aids and tools to make learning fun. NEW ERA ACADEMY has assumed the role of vibrant, creative and activity based learning. Some of our partners in helping us provide the very best of education to our scholars are:-

  • Hands-on -learning experience and
  • Exploration
  • Academic Resources:
  • Library

NEW ERA ACADEMY Library is a hub of all activities going on in the school ad has become the center of informal education. It is equipped with state-of-art information products and services, that has enabled it to meet the complex and ever increasing information needs of the school community…

Science Labs
Best part of learning process is when we try to do things ourselves. The field of science depicts this best. Our science labs Physics, Chemistry and Biology are spacious and well equipped. You have a scientific query or curiosity to mix and match chemicals to find a solution, we have the wherewithal to meet your creative urge and challenges.

Our labs are the best places to convert theoretical knowledge in to practical learning. The best of the innovative ideas are generated here to help a student in developing analytical ability and to understand the scientific concepts in clear unambiguous terms.


Computer Lab
The necessity of acquiring knowledge about computers needs no emphasis. IT has permeated into all aspects of our lives. India is fast emerging as the hub of all IT activities of the modern world. Literacy in computers has become a benchmark for any professional career. If that be so, how can our students be left behind?

Here at NEW ERA ACADEMY, computer education starts from primary level. A lot of emphases is put in so that student’s interest is built early. To ensure 24-hour connectivity with the world by means of the Internet the school has installed broadband services.

To make the learning process more interesting new methods and tools have taken an integral place today. Usage of LCD projectors and various multimedia gadgets have spiced up the learning process.


Introducing New Age Learning
NEW ERA ACADEMY is now setting the benchmarks in the field of academics by introducing the new-age learning system in the form of the curriculum which is going to make learning a fun activity for every child. The objective is to make each child eager and active participant in the class and develop a love for learning. we are introducing

  • Minder – Career assessments
  • Audio-Visual Room Smart Classes with interactive TV panels & LED Projectors
  • Alternative Education Methodology